How it all started


How did 2utoring come to be?

Well, like most tech companies, 2utoring was built on the foundations of frustration, opportunity, excitement and above all else, serious determination to make education accessible for all. Our founder and CEO, Dilbir Sahota, an experienced secondary school headteacher and art tutor, has been the pulse behind every pixel on our platform and overseen our development since devising the original prototype in 2017.

“2utoring was built on the foundations of frustration, opportunity, excitement and serious determination to make education accessible for all”

The last three years have seen us iterate, modify, develop and constantly improve this prototype into a groundbreaking educational platform that is designed to drive a global education revolution. So with roots in education and a flair for technology, our founder has created something that truly is built for educators, by educators and we’re all so excited for you to become part of this journey.

Solving the global education crisis

73% of the population is priced out of the academic market, unable to afford and access educational resources, quality schooling and specialist support (Source: Sutton Trust). We often hear about equality, but seldom is it educational inequality that is mentioned. The reality is that in a post-COVID world, access to education, wherever the student may be, is ever-more essential.
2utoring is here to provide the perfect solution to this global crisis.

Our Mission

To give every tutor the ability to live a better life with multi-fold income increases made possible by successfully delivering personalised educational classroom sessions to students in groups, whilst offering lower class prices for students, making education accessible and affordable to all.

Our Vision

Accessible education for all from qualified professionals who love to teach.

How the 2utoring classroom gets us one step closer


Uptime Availability


API Connections




2utoring allows you to hold or attend classes anytime, anywhere enabling you to build close friendships with your students or tutors safely online wherever you are.


Technology enables your classes to be interactive, engaging and fun with unlimited online resources - no wonder why online learning is becoming the preferred method.


By making one-to-many learning possible, tutors revenue per class increases, enabling costs per student to fall, improving affordability and value for money.

Built by educators, for educators

Who we are

2utoring has been born through innovation by our founder supported by passionate educators, investors and technologists giving students and tutors the technology, tools and learning environment they deserve to succeed. We are here to provide you with a truly revolutionary platform that transforms the learning enviroment available to tutors and their students - removing all barriers to learning. A deep understanding of the fact that learning from each other is essential, 2utoring is here to give the best collaboration tools to the world to achieve this global education revolution.

What we do

Offering parents, students and tutors a safe and secure online learning environment with a revolutionary digital classroom that will transform the way we share knowledge online, forever.

Company values


2utoring is built around creating the best technology for our community, but it is that community of people who drives our passion to excel. People from all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome to join our community and as our team grows we are committed to recruiting a diverse team of creatives, technologists, product managers amongst many others.


Creating a global educational revolution is largely driven around the ability for classes to be delivered more affordably to students, whilst increasing the pay received by tutors. This will bring with it the potential for the wider population to access education that otherwise would not be available to them.


Education available to all is one thing, but it’s nothing without quality. Similarly having multiple students in one digital classroom is relatively easy to achieve, but it’s hard to develop the best tools to enable communication, group management and sharing controls to be managed efficiently to retain the same levels of personalised learning in the physical classroom. We are all about endorsing quality education, at scale, which has remained an unsolved challenge, until now.


Since we first started prototyping our digital classroom in 2017, we have always been obsessed with each pixel and line of code, ensuring that it is future-proof, expandable, stable and compatible with constant improvements as our platform evolves and develops. Today, technology is at the heart of our culture, embracing the best tools for every requirement.


For tutors, giving them a platform to build their business and grow their income is only the start of our approach to entrepreneurship. We are encouraging students in our community to develop skills in these areas to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. In future, we plan to have a dedicated startup accelerator where tutors can promote courses tailored to drive the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Meet the founders

Dilbir Sahota

Founder and CEO

Dilbir leads the executive team and continues to bring innovation and a spark of creativity to the development of the 2utoring platform, led from his roots as a secondary school art teacher. A passionate, conceptual thinker and ethical former headteacher with in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience of the education sector spanning over 23 years. His reputation of leading, developing and motivating is strong and now Dilbir is applying his proven leadership skills to drive a global educational revolution with 2utoring.

Sukhjeevan Uppal

Co-Founder and CTO

Sukhjeevan holds a vital role in the successful development and growth of 2utoring, taking ownership and responsibility for the technological development and support for the platform. With over 22 years experience in delivering solutions to multinational organisations as a technical consultant, Sukhjeevan now applies his strong technical and commercial acumen to develop, test, implement and successfully deliver technology solutions for the platform driving growth for our community.

Ollie Cox

Co-Founder and Non-Exec Director

Ollie joined the board as Non-Executive Director in 2019 after previously working alongside Dilbir for many years on a consultancy basis. Having built a successful, reputable and fast-growing design and marketing agency, he brings these skills to advise on audience growth and brand awareness for 2utoring. Ollie utilises his knowledge and experience to contribute to wider strategy and planning for the business alongside the other founders.

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