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Meet your new digital classroom features

Multi-pane views

You can enjoy using multiple classroom applications simultaneously without the need for switching browser tabs with 2utoring’s multi-pane views. Choose flexibly between dual-, tri- and quad-screen configurations to optimise the workspace that works perfectly for you. Whatever your learning or teaching style is, you can optimise your classroom to suit you.

Your classroom. Your workspace.

Create up to four screens in quad-view giving you the flexibility to maximise your display space. You could have the whiteboard, browser, media player, and a docs file,or any combination of the classroom applications openin the four panes. Each pane works independently, like having four browser tabs open at the same time.

Intuitive design

When we set out to create the best digital classroom, we soon identified the ability to have multiple applications open in organised panes was key to ease of use and convenience for you. The key thing was to make this easy to use, so after several iterations, we found the best way was to give you the option to set the number of panes you would like to have using the pane selector. Next, you simply select the application you would like to open in each pane, and that’s it, it works easily, every time.

After-session support

Not only do you have the flexibility to schedule classroom sessions with your students at any time, 24/7/365, but you also have the ability to support them outside of the classroom too. Even when the session has ended, you can, if you wish, provide support to your students. The doors to your digital classroom are always open, offering you enhanced value for money and a more flexible and engaging learning experience.

Safety. Security. Data. Compliance.

Screen recordings

All digital classroom sessions are multi-factor recorded including each individual participant's screen, any active webcams, and audio channels. These are encrypted and safely stored in the cloud for everyone’s protection and for compliance. This gives you total peace of mind that you are safe on our platform.

256-bit SSL Encryption

All user sessions are encrypted protecting your data and this also applies to the secure session recordings that are taken for compliance and safeguarding purposes.

DBS Compliance

If DBS matters to you, it matters to us. That’s why we have made DBS certifications a central part of the experience for tutors and students. For Tutors that have a Enhanced DBS certificate, a DBS status badge is displayed on their profile. All Certificates and qualifications are verified by the 2utoring safeguarding team giving you the opportunity for a more informed choice when selecting tutors. For students and parents, you have peace of mind that if you choose a DBS verified tutor on 2utoring, your child will be well safeguarded.


Your safety is our priority and we have taken multiple steps to ensure a safe and secure teaching and learning environment for you. If an incident does occur, reporting that concern is a frictionless and straightforward process. All reports will be investigated and 2utoring will take swift action as detailed in our terms and conditions and policies. You have all the controls you need to stay safe online.

Learn more about safeguarding

Flexible approach to inclusive teaching

Your digital classroom has been optimised to accommodate a wide range of class sizes. From one-to-one to one-to-many, you’ll have a smooth, rich and engaging tutor and student experience that’ll keep everyone coming back for more!

Teach one-to-one

Teach students on a totally individual and personal basis and interact with them in real-time in your digital classroom.

Teach groups

Reduce your prices per student, whilst increasing your hourly income by teaching groups of students together and still retaining all the benefits of one-to-one teaching and learning, all made possible in 2utoring.

Teach whole classes

Your digital classroom has been optimised for one-to-many teaching practices ensuring that you can offer a highly personalised learning experience to all.

Groups in your classes

You can create groups inside your classes to enable you to set different tasks depending on ability or provide different teaching styles and levels of support.

Peer to peer

You have the option to use 2utoring as a peer to peer collaboration suite to share knowledge, share in success and mimic the classroom online.

A combination of all

You can facilitate sessions on 2utoring in any combination of these options enabling you to apply multiple delivery methods and adapt the classroom for all learners.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Integrated with Google

For the best user experience, sign up to 2utoring with your Google account, or create one for free. This will unlock a whole host of amazing features including native integration with Google Drive file sharing, along with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. This enables you to collaborate in real-time during and after your classroom session has ended. This functionality is built right into the platform, so there is no need to leave. In terms of file sharing permissions, we do the hard work for you, making collaboration easy and enabling you to enjoy a whole new dimension in your digital classroom.

Easy document, spreadsheet and slideshow sharing

You can easily collaborate with others on your digital classroom documents with streamlined file-sharing controls, giving you the ability to organise files in folders, manage sharing permissions and access rights and more. When you make a change, everyone else with permission can see the same change too, in real-time. The integration with Google Drive means that your files can be accessed at any time and they are stored safely in Google Cloud.

Enabling personalised learning

For you to experience whole class teaching with all the benefits of one-to-one learning personalisation, fluid file sharing needs to be central to the digital classroom. With 2utoring, editing a document, spreadsheet or slideshow in real-time is easy, and you can share it with specific individuals, groups, or the whole class. For tutors, tasks can be differentiated to meet the needs of each individual student and you have the flexibility to give extension tasks too. Even after the classroom session has ended, the collaborative sharing and real-time editing features still remain active.

Live view. Tutor Control.

For tutors, we’ve revolutionised the way you can keep an eye on how your students are getting on in your classroom, with live-view. At the click of a button, you can view the workspace of any of your students, see what they’re working on, and help them. You can easily establish a secure one-to-one audio conversation with them, and collaborate with them on the document, spreadsheet or slideshow that they may need support with. You could have up to ten students all working independently in your classroom, whilst you monitor, view, collaborate, and support your students progress. It’s totally up to you, you have flexibility and control, you can deliver the best learning experience.

Whiteboards. Smartboards. Pixelboards.

Next-generation Whiteboard

It’s been a while since true reinvention of the teachers’ board has been made. We feel confident that we have now brought this into the 21st century. Giving tutors and students the option to collaborate together in real-time on independent and synchronised whiteboards in the digital classroom. Multiple whiteboards can be created inside the classroom and each can have specific sharing permissions set. Work together or individually, you choose. You can draw freehand, use shapes, change colours, paste pictures, screenshots - it's a true revolution of a smart board (and it’s no longer just for the teacher!).

Shared Whiteboard

Unlimited whiteboards can be created in your digital classroom, each with individual sharing permissions, giving tutors and students total flexibility. You can share tasks with the whole class whiteboard, invite students to contribute to it, share a copy with particular users. Create whiteboards for groups, have them work independently from other groups, or just specific students. Students can work on a one-to-one basis with teachers if they need something explaining. The opportunities are endless, for all users.

Putting your hand up

If you get stuck and need help with a task set by your tutor, you can contact your tutor privately by using our one-to-one chat messaging feature. Tutors can then support and help you directly on your whiteboard. You can get support andassistance at any time. You’re going to feel so confident in your new digital classroom..

Inclusive support for all

Tutors now have the ability to provide fully inclusive and well-supported teaching to students of all abilities and stages. For students, you never need to feel on your own, or too embarrassed to speak up. The whiteboard is central to providing a personalised learning experience for all students, enabling multiple delivery models and enhanced teaching methods to be delivered in a scalable way, adapted to suit each individual student.



Whole class, group, or individual messages can be exchanged within the digital classroom with a conveniently positioned messaging interface that doesn’t interfere with the other window panes you are using. For tutors, this means that you can easily make a quick announcement or share a message with the entire class, a particular group or individual student. For students, you can easily join the conversation class-wide, or establish a private conversation with your tutor if you need help. This gives you everything you need to stay in touch, get support and ask questions.

Screen sharing

You can easily share your screen with all or specific users within your digital classroom making collaboration easy and keeping you in control. For tutors, this can help you share explanations or present to your class with ease. For students, you can share your progress with your tutor or get the help and support you need quickly and efficiently. It’s as if you all sat around a table together, in the comfort of your own home or office.

Help notifications

Support is always there for students who need it. Instead of putting your hand up, you can hit a help button which will send a notification to your tutor who can then provide support to you. For tutors, this provides peace of mind that your students are not alone if they need help, they can easily gain your attention all as part of the native digital classroom experience.


Just like everything else, audio controls can be customised in your digital classroom to suit every scenario. Tutors can broadcast a one-way audio line to all classroom participants to make announcements and share knowledge. In addition two-way audio channels can be established between all students, specific groups or individuals to enable successful delivery or rich, personalised learning experiences. It’s the most convenient way for students and tutors to keep in touch and communicate together.


Face-to-face interaction can be an essential part of the digital classroom to some users and 2utoring includes adaptive webcam conferencing functionality for up to ten simultaneous users. You can view fellow classroom participants in a grid view, engage and interact together just like you would in a traditional classroom. Single webcams can be expanded to give you a larger picture of your tutor or student, and can be undocked enabling you to place it wherever you wish on your classroom interface whilst you access the other applications. You have total flexibility in your classroom.


Tutors can establish groups within a classroom which effectively splits your classroom into multiple classrooms giving you the opportunity to assign separate tasks to different groups. When groups are established, this updates your communication controls enabling you to control message, audio, video and screen sharing features with ease. Your classroom remains structured, organised and disruption is kept to a minimum.

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