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For Students (and Parents)

Your all-in-one learning platform helping you access affordable educational courses, learn and collaborate safely online from anywhere, at anytime.

Cloud-based platform

No downloading or installation required

Integrated with Google Drive

Safe & Secure with Enhanced DBS Verification

Book and create your own lessons

Invite your peers

Advanced digital classrooms

Work on Docs, Sheets, Slides and Whiteboards

Join the global education revolution you access to the best tutors and courses from the comfort of your home


2utoring gives you the ability to pick and choose courses that are perfect for you, whether they be one-off sessions, or a series - you make your own curriculum.

Online tutoring

Experience a new way of learning with our unique digital classroom enabling tutors to deliver the most interactive, engaging and fun learning experiences to you.


Join small group courses of up to ten students and benefit from more affordable rates enabling you to enjoy greater value for money and access more courses.

Personalised education tailored to your needs

We understand that you may have different educational needs to the student next to you. The 2utoring platform has been designed in a way that enables tutors to adapt the digital classroom especially to suit your preferences, even when multiple students are in the session with you. This will give the confidence you need amongst your peers and give you the support you need to succeed in whatever your studying.

Search for courses. Pick your tutor. Book your sessions. Your digital classroom awaits.

Find your perfect tutor and course

Start your search for a tutor today on our ever growing Learning Marketplace giving you the choice of courses from a global community of tutors. Your education is now free of geographical limitations and is more affordable with group sessions giving you greater access to and flexibility over your education.

Book your lessons or courses

Once you’ve found your perfect tutor, lesson or course on the Learning Marketplace, you can check real-time availability of your tutor and enrol there and then. No lengthy email chains or phone calls required, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Review upcoming sessions

Lessons and courses that you have enrolled onto will be shown in your account dashboard enabling you to plan your schedule and consider booking more sessions on 2utoring to learn new skills.

Experience the digital classroom

As a student on 2utoring, you benefit from a groundbreaking digital classroom for your lessons, the world’s first multi-user classroom. Whiteboards, screen sharing, video, audio and file sharing are all integrated into your digital classroom ensuring you have a convenient, engaging and smooth learning experience.

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Post-lesson support and homework

After your scheduled lesson has ended, you can still access the shared resources from the classroom. In addition, they remain shared and continue to allow real-time collaboration allowing work to be marked and commented on by your tutor. Your tutor can see your progress post-lesson and offer support to you well beyond the lesson ends, giving you an enriched experience and greater value for money.

Your safety, security and data matters

Your tutors

Just like if you were at school, where all staff would be DBS checked, we have integrated a DBS compliance system as part of our tutors onboarding process. Each tutor that registers on the platform, has the option to provide a valid DBS certificate, which is then verified by us (a human, not a bot!) and then we provide a DBS badge on the tutors profile, giving you the reassurance that we have seen their certificate. In addition, tutors are also often members of the affiliated tutor association for added peace of mind.

Screen Recordings

Digital classroom sessions with under 18s are multi-factor recorded, including each individual participant's screen, any active webcams, and audio channels. These are encrypted and safely stored in the cloud for everyone’s protection and for compliance. This gives you total peace of mind that you are safe on our platform.

256-bit SSL Encryption

All user sessions are encrypted protecting your data and this also applies to the secure session recordings that are also taken for compliance and safeguarding purposes.

Your tutors

If you are under the age of 18, when you register on 2utoring, you will be prompted to invite your parent or guardian to register too. This is designed to help keep you safe and assist with payments for the courses you may choose to book. In addition, compliance with safeguarding and DBS requirements are at the core of our platform and we have made it easy for you to manage this. We encourage you to choose tutors who have a DBS verification badge shown on their profile.


Your safety is our priority and we have taken steps to ensure a safe and secure teaching and learning environment for you. Raising a safeguarding concern should be a frictionless and straightforward process. All reports will be investigated and 2utoring will take swift action as detailed in our terms and conditions and policies. You have all the controls you need to stay safe online and sufficient information to support the concern to enable investigations to be initiated.

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Your education. Your terms.

You have the choice to book tutoring sessions on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis, either way you’ll experience a personalised and unique experience in our revolutionary digital classroom optimised to suit all learning styles and preferences.

One-to-one tutoring

Learn with a private tutor on a totally individual and personal basis and interact with them in real-time in your digital classroom.

Group tutoring

Benefit from reduced course prices by sharing your tutoring session with other students studying the same subjects as you, giving you a more engaging experience whilst saving costs.


Encourage your fellow classmates at your school, college or university to join your on 2utoring and organise a group session with a private tutor together, giving you the opportunity to save money and having the reassurance that you know who the fellow participants are.

The best of both

Group sessions are facilitated by tutors in such a way that the benefits you expect from one-to-one tutoring are still present. Book a group tutoring session on 2utoring to see for yourself how well it works.

It’s easy for you to get started today

Using our search engine to either purchase an existing course or create your own lessons with one of our registered tutors. it’s that simple! If you already have a tutor you work with, invite them to join 2utoring too and have your next session on 2utoring together.

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